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Access your Outlook for Mac emails in Microsoft Windows Outlook platform effectively

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  • Accurately converts all emails, contacts and calendars of Outlook for Mac OLM files to MS Outlook PST files
  • Facilitates searching required items from recovered OLM file on the basis of From, To, Subject, Received before (date), Received after (date), and Attachment
  • Allows saving searched items in PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, IMAP, RTF, TXT, MHTML, HTML and DBX file formats
  • Recovered OLM file can be saved in email servers, web mail servers and in Office 365
  • Retains the original structure, formatting, properties and Meta data intact after conversion
  • Generates four types of reports: Total time types, Mail flow density by date/senders and users interaction
  • Round the clock technical assistance
  • Available with free trial version

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OLM to PST Conversion in Three Simple Steps:

The entire OLM file conversion process can be summarized in three simple steps as:

OLM to PST Conversion
  • Takes corrupt .olm file as input
  • Extracts complete data from the OLM file
  • Restores them in MS Outlook PST file

Kernel for OLM to PST is a perfect email migration tool that accurately and flawlessly migrates email data from Outlook for Mac OLM files to easily accessible MS Outlook PST files. There might be numerous reasons responsible for corruption or damaging of Outlook for Mac OLM files such as unintentional formatting of the HDD, error while Outlook installation, malware attacks, hardware error, etc. Whatever may be the reason behind the corruption of OLM files; the software thoroughly scans damaged OLM files and recovers entire email data with complete accuracy.

Moreover, need to access Mac OS based emails in Windows OS or migration from Mac to Windows environment arises the need for performing email migration from Outlook for Mac OLM files to MS Outlook PST file format. For users looking for a perfect tool for performing the email migration from OLM to PST file format or a perfect solution to recover their corrupt, damaged or inaccessible Outlook for Mac OLM files, Kernel for OLM to PST software proves to be the best solution available at competitive and reasonable prices. The software ensures the safety and accuracy of the data while performing the email migration from OLM to PST and OLM  to  DBX file format. After extracting email data from OLM file, the software facilitates preview of data to let users check the accuracy of recovery.

Benefits one can achieve on performing OLM to PST Conversion:
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On performing OLM file to PST conversion by Kernel for OLM to PST, the entire Outlook for Mac email data can be easily accessed in Windows platform

Effectively reduces the installation cost of Mac operating system for accessing the Outlook for Mac emails

OLM file can now even be accessed outside the Mac environment

Assists users in creating backup of OLM file to save the data from sudden disaster

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How to Repair Corrupt OLM File?

The detailed process of repairing OLM files using Kernel for OLM to PST can be explained as:

  • Launch Kernel for OLM to PST software. The main window of the software appears. The 'Select corrupted source OLM file' interface appears by default.
  • Click Browse button to provide the location of OLM file. In case, the location of OLM is not known, then click Search button to search the OLM file. The 'Search OLM File(s)' dialog appears.
  • Click Browse button to select the folder where you want to search the OLM file.
  • After selecting the required drive, click Search button. The software starts searching for OLM file. After searching, the software enlists the OLM files found in the selected drive.
  • Select the required OLM file and click OK button. The selected OLM file gets selected in the 'Select Source OLM File' text area.
  • Click OK to proceed. A dialog box gets displayed after successful completion of scanning and data retrieval from .olm file.
  • Click OK to preview the retrieved data. All the folders get enlisted in tree- like structure in the left pane.
  • Select any folder from the left pane to view the items. The items get displayed in the right pane. You can select any item from the right pane and view its details which get displayed just below the items in right pane.
While retrieving data from OLM files, Kernel for OLM to PST facilitates two more options:
Stop Current Process: Clicking on this stops enumerating items in the right pane. For example, you might have thousands of emails in your Inbox folder but you want to work with only a few in the beginning, in that case click this button to stop enumerating items in the right pane.
Save List Information to HTML file: Use this option to save list of items within a folder in HTML file to desired location.
Give OLM to PST Converter a try before you buy!

Kernel for OLM to PST is available as a free to download trial version to let users analyze its features, functionalities and capabilities before deciding to purchase it. The free trial version works exactly similar to that of the full version such that it thoroughly scans damaged OLM files, accurately recovers email data from them, displays their preview but possess some saving restrictions. To save entire recovered email data, user needs to purchase the full version of the software.

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Comments (54)

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Silas says...
I have just installed Office for Mac 2011. In outlook I am able to send out messages but every time I try to receive any message, I get an error message. The error message reads "Authentication failed because Outlook doesn't support any of the available authentication methods. Details: Could not retrieve mail. Account name: "Sham" where Sham is my mail server. Error code is 17897. I have already verified and found that all the settings are correct according to my mail server. Can anybody provide me any solution to overcome this problem?
2nd June 2014 11:13am
Boone says...
Well, before I provide you the answer, kindly understand that in such a scenario, the Outlook suffers from the server authentication, an issue which is definitely a clear form of error message. If you are sending receiving emails earlier with this authentication details then this issues could be of Outlook database (*.olm) file.
However, you can easily overcome this issue, but first you have to verify the account settings. Verify all the authentication details are correct. Once, you ensure that the account settings are correct, follow the steps given below to tie off and on the server authentication.
Open Outlook for Mac 2011 and then click Tools menu and choose Accounts.
Select your email account and then click More Options button under Outgoing server.
Just in case, the authentication is set to none, click on the drop down list and select “Use incoming server info” and hit on “OK”
Once you set the authentication to Use incoming server info, hit on drop down list and select none and c
2nd June 2014 12:37pm
Allistair says...
What makes an Outlook for Mac user to perform the email migration from Outlook for Mac .OLM file to MS Outlook .PST file?
21st May 2014 10:48am
Anderson says...
A few reasons that make an Outlook for Mac user to perform email migration from OLM to PST include:

  • Outlook for Mac 2011 doesn’t support HTML and RTF file formats
  • Missing information from contacts or calendars
  • Outlook for Mac 2011 responds slowly after exceeding 20 GB file size of OLM files
  • One can’t drag emails into the calendar in Mac Outlook that can be easily done in Windows Outlook
  • Outlook for Mac doesn’t display calendar side-by-side as in Windows Outlook

On the contrary, MS Outlook offers a simple, easy-to-use, user-friendly interface that doesn’t demands specific technical knowledge to work on. The conversion from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows can be done easily using third-party tool Kernel for OLM to PST.
21st May 2014 3:44pm
Allen says...
How to resolve ‘Email is stuck in Outbox in Outlook for Mac’ error message?
21st May 2014 10:46am
A Opticals says...
On occurrence of the above-asked error message, you should get assured that your Outlook for Mac .OLM file has gone corrupted or damaged. Not to worry with this as we have a solution for you. Give Kernel for OLM to PST software a try and repair your damaged .OLM file with complete accuracy. Some other error messages you can resolve using this tool include ‘Duplicate emails display’, ‘Identity could not be open’, etc.
21st May 2014 3:39pm
Albert says...
My organization is looking forward to migrate from Mac to Windows environment. Please suggest how your software can prove helpful to me.
12th May 2014 5:42pm
Jones says...
Kernel for OLM to PST is much useful for those organizations migrating from Mac to Windows environment. Individuals, technicians, administrators, organizations, companies or enterprises might look forward for such an email migration as Outlook for Mac demands deep technical knowledge to work on it. But on the other hand, MS Outlook is much easy to use and is available worldwide due to its popular use. So, trying Kernel for OLM to PST would be a much better solution to help you in this situation. The software assures accurate and flawless conversion from Outlook for Mac to Windows platform. The tool thus makes possible accessing Outlook for Mac emails even outside the Mac environment. Also, the tool reduces the installation cost of Mac operating system for accessing the Outlook for Mac emails.
12th May 2014 5:47pm
A.Bend says...
Urgent need to access Mac OS based emails in Windows OS. How to do this?
12th May 2014 5:39pm
Jovi says...
You might come across the situation to access Outlook for Mac emails in Windows platform. This can’t be done unless you perform the email migration from OLM to PST. So what you are looking for. Just download the OLM to PST migrator and perform the email migration from OLM to PST and access your entire Mac OS based emails in Windows easily. Still confused which product to buy among numerous available in the market nowadays. Give Kernel for OLM to PST software a try. Firstly download the free trial version and check its OLM to PST conversion capabilities. On finding yourself satisfied with its email migration capabilities, make a wise decision to purchase the software.
12th May 2014 5:44pm
Adom says...
.OLM file got corrupted. How to deal with this situation and get all the .OLM file data restored with complete accuracy?
7th May 2014 10:24am
OptSurface says...
Outlook for Mac responding abnormally! This might be due to damaging of identity database (.OLM file) of Outlook for Mac. On damaging of identity database, Outlook for Mac does not open, does not respond or does stop all on a sudden, or you may not be able to open Outlook items. Also, Outlook message list, Outlook contacts, Outlook contact entries may not be displayed properly. The identity database of Outlook for Mac stores all Outlook emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, account settings, etc.

On corruption of .OLM file you must repair the .OLM file to get back the entire email data from the damaged .OLM file. Repairing and recovering the damaged .OLM file can be done easily with third-party tool Kernel for OLM to PST. The tool not even repairs damaged .OLM files but also restore the email data in .PST files that can be easily accessed with MS Outlook platform.
7th May 2014 10:42am
John says...
How to access Outlook for Mac emails in MS Outlook platform?
7th May 2014 10:18am
Bob says...
Accessing Outlook for Mac emails in MS Outlook platform is not possible directly as .OLM file format is not compatible with MS Outlook and needs to perform the email conversion from Outlook for Mac to MS Outlook. Outlook for Mac stores all the email data in .OLM files and MS Outlook stores email data in .PST files. .OLM files can’t be directly accessed in Outlook and needs to be converted. No inbuilt utility is there to perform the email migration. This can be done much efficiently using a proficient third-party OLM to PST convertor such that all the email data stored within the .OLM files can be accessed easily in MS Outlook platform. Kernel for OLM to PST is one such perfect solution to assist you in performing this required email migration.
7th May 2014 10:41am
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